Areas of Practice

In-company training

We develop and facilitate exciting training for our worldwide clients. From the family restaurant next-door, all the way to the largest employers, all see the importance of tailor-made and personal trainings.

Classic TA Training

Our main frame of reference is Transactional Analysis. Eric Berne developed this great and simple theory during the 1950's and '60. Highly valued throughout its history, we refer to it as: it's a classic.

Executive Coaching

Radically different since 1985. Often using a group setting for coaching, we create a unique setting to put new strategies to the test. Right here, right now.

TA Masterclasses

These are highlighted in the calendars at Autonoom. From the early days, it has been our strategy to invite 'game-changers' to Belgium and The Netherlands. Standing side-by-side with leading experts, these mark exceptional learning milestones for all involved.


From small to the largest of changes: 'go to the balcony' and analyze what is invisible from close-by. Sorry, but you will have to do this yourself, with our support.

TA Inspired Events

We admit it, we see TA in most parts of life. "Yes, great link, let's organize a TA event!" Also excited? Join us.


Adults are much more like children than children are like adults
— Eric Berne, 1947